Poseidon Property Group specializes in the management of multi-dwelling units, single-family homes, condos and small commercial properties. We are a full-service property management company dedicated to the utmost care of your investment. We take the burden off you, the client, so that you can be assured that your investment is well cared for.
Every year, rental owners and managers are faced with new, sometimes complex laws relating to our industry. It is imperative that your manager recognizes and complies with all civil code and housing laws. As part of our leasing service, we will formalize and professionally handle the leasing process from start to finish. From marketing your rental, to screening all applicants, and drafting all necessary rental agreements and pertinent disclosures, we will minimize your risk as an owner by following our professional standards and practices.

Poseidon Property Group screens all residents thoroughly. We perform a credit check and examine past rental history. Applicants must meet minimum income requirements. All applicants over the age of eighteen are required to submit an application and go through the screening process.

The old days of waiting for the rent to come in and hoping that a resident does not create problems on the property are over. It’s not just about managing properties. We believe that our residents play an integral part in the overall upkeep and appearance of our portfolio of properties. Through the move-in process to establishing the overall long-term relationship with our residents, we strive to respond quickly to any issues or concerns that are brought to our attention. We feel that by professionally and efficiently responding to residents’ concerns, we ensure that they, in turn, will treat your property with proper respect.
Poseidon Property Group uses a sophisticated property management and accounting software. Tenant Pro allows us to properly account for all cash receipts and expenditures received and paid for each property. Rental receipts are deposited into a trust account on behalf of our owners. We monitor and reconcile accounts to ensure strict compliance with all applicable laws.
Financial reports will reflect every transaction and will be presented monthly. At the end of the year, clients are able to turn over their reports to their CPA’s, thus simplifying tax reporting requirements.
We conduct property inspections twice a month. Unlike many property management companies, we actually walk our properties, checking for any structural issues, visual aberrations and the like. As part of our service and reporting procedures, we will update you regarding property conditions and make recommendations for necessary repairs or improvements. We do this every month in a report format, which we send out with our monthly financial statements and disbursement checks.
We will manage all maintenance issues from small leaks to major capital improvements that may need to be undertaken to ensure that a property is safe and habitable. Or for those clients who just wish to improve the overall appearance or curb appeal of their property, we will manage the process in a timely and efficient manner.
Poseidon Property Group recognizes that just putting an advertisement in the newspaper and waiting for the phone to ring does not rent homes. We constantly look for new, innovative ways to market our rentals.
We use the internet and advertise on many websites designed to maximize your rental exposure. More often than not prospective residents rely on the web as a quicker and more efficient venue for finding a place to live.
Paper Media:
In addition to the “Union Tribune” and the “Reader,” we also advertise in some of the smaller, less costly publications such the “Beach and Bay Press.”
With your consent, Poseidon Property Group will display a sign on your property. We have seen that drive-by’s are a good source of rental prospects.
Residents Referrals:
By delivering quality service to our residents, based on the highest standards in response time, to our residents, we are rewarded by quality referrals from our current residents whose friends or family may be looking for a rental. The collaborative relationship with our residents enables us to fill vacancies promptly.

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