We at Poseidon Property Group welcome you to your new apartment home.

We are a small company, but we strive to offer the best in property management service. Our promise to you is that we will always respond to your concerns within 24 hours. You should always expect a call back from us the same day.  All service calls will be responded to promptly and professionally.

The information below will hopefully assist you in your transition into your new home.

Phone (619) 255-8105
Fax (619) 749-2725
After Hours Emergency Number- after 5:00 p.m. 1-800-414-5023.
Our Mailing Address
P.O. Box 191117
San Diego, CA 92159
Our business hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. – We conduct showings 7 days a week, but weekend showings are by appointment only.

SDGE 1-800- 411-7343

Cox Cable (619 ) 269-2000Time Warner (858) 695-3220City of San Diego

Water Department (for our single-family home residents). (619) 515-3500

Helix Water (619) 466-0585

City of  La Mesa (for sewer service) (619) 441-1668

Edco Trash (619) 287-7555


Please contact SDGE prior to your move-in date to place the utilities into your name.

For properties that have city trash containers, you will be responsible for bringing your container to the curb for trash pick-up. Feel free to click on this link to find your scheduled pick-up day.

For maintenance concerns or to schedule a service call, please go to our maintenance request form below and submit the information to our office.
Please note that if you contact us after hours or on the weekends, then unless your service request is an emergency, then we will respond to you on the next business day.

Poseidon Property Group understands that roommate situations can dissolve and result in one resident deciding to vacate during the existing lease term. When this happens it is necessary to draw up a new rental agreement and ensure that all parties involved meet the requirements and understand the process.  We will work to provide all roommates with information that will facilitate the roommate swapping and hopefully minimize internal disruption within the household.  Our goal here at Poseidon Property Group is to ensure a smooth administrative transition for all parties involved.

Procedures and fees for handling roommate lease breaks:

We will work to provide both roommates with information that hopefully will enhance and minimize both internal disruption within the household and administratively for personnel at Poseidon Property Group

The remaining roommate or roommates must re-qualify for the apartment since the overall household income has been adjusted with the leaving of the outgoing roommate. Any new roommate that wants to move into the household must do the same and follow our application guidelines (please go to the application page for more information) prior to moving into the apartment, house, condo.

Regardless of the situation, any resident who plans to vacate must provide a written 30-day notice to vacate, whether in a lease agreement or not. Some exceptions apply to certain circumstances of violence, abuse, and neglect.

Any lease break that requires Poseidon Property Group to re-qualify and redraft a new lease agreement will be at a cost to the residents involved. The processing fee of $300.00 is in lieu of any lease break fee that may be charged as a result of breaking the existing terms of the rental agreement and will be entered as a charge in the resident’s ledger and must be paid the month that the new agreement takes effect. Any costs to re-rent the apartment will be the resident(s) responsibility.

As always, we are interested in ways that we can improve your living experience, either through communication, technology, or our hands-on approach to managing our properties and interacting with our residents. So let’s us know if we’re doing it right, or if we’re doing it wrong.

Michael J. Luckett